13w09b Minecraft New Effect Command


New command showcase included in the newest snapshot 13w09b.

Effect command: To use, type /effect A B C D
A – (Player Name)
B – (Effect type)
C – (Duration (seconds))
D – (Strength/Potency)

/effect name effect duration strength
e.g. /effect mobstered 1 10 20

(Apologies for incorrect details in the video)

Effects List (V1.5+)
1 – Speed (Increases your movement speed)
2 – Slowness (Slows your movement down)
3 – Haste (Makes you break blocks faster)
4 – Mining Fatigue (Makes you break blocks slower)
5 – Strength (Increases your damage)
6 – Instant Health (Adds health instantly)
7 – Instant Damage (Damages you instantly)
8 – Jump Boost (Provides extra jump height)
9 – Nausea (Gives you dizziness/sickness)
10 – Regeneration (Slowly regenerates health)
11 – Resistance (Resistant to damage)
12 – Fire Resistance (Resistant to fire and lava)
13 – Water Breathing (Breath under water)
14 – Invisibility (Become invisible)
15 – Blindness (Adds a thick black fog)
16 – Night Vision (Brightens everything)
17 – Hunger (Drains food meter)
18 – Weakness (Decreases attack strength/power)
19 – Poison (Poisons you, slowly decreasing health over time (Cannot kill you))
20 – Wither (Adds a similar effect to poison however your hearts go black (Can kill you))

Update: Even Newer Commands (V1.6+)
21 – Health Boost (Adds 2 extra hearts within the duration of the potion, (can be naturally regenerated).
22 – Absorption (Adds 2 extra hearts that cannot be replenished by natural regeneration)
23 – Saturation (Replenishes the food meter)

Kool Kats Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

13w09b Snaphsot

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  1. Plot twist: hunger is just the wither effect but for your 🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖

  2. Пацан, респект тебе. Большое спасибо. Очень сильно старался. С меня лайк!!!

  3. How can you add an effect for no time limit. Like i want my player to have jump boost all the time on and not for 10 sec. is taht possible?


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