16 KILL FIRST GAME OF WARZONE | Call of Duty: Warzone


Warzone gameplay from my live streams. Hope you enjoy!

Catch the live streams over on my Twitch: www.twitch.tv/onecheesymofo

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● HEADSET: Bose QuietComfort 35
● CONTROLLER: DualShock 4

Track Name: TheFatRat – Xenogenesis
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  1. I am going to enjoy these vedios for a month or two I started to download this game tonight on my ps4 but the problem is I have 100kbps WiFi speed so still 108 GB to go

  2. Whoa, imagine if you looted as well. You could have done well. Look like everything you've learned on the previous COD, you've forgot. You're officially a noob again. Congrates!!!!….

  3. I swear the ttk is so weird, like it takes me the whole mag to kill someone yet they can two shot me with an m13

  4. Yo, what is up Nacho long time no see. Remember the good old Hardline and BF4 days? Great to see you still in action.

  5. THE GAMES A 6/10 AT BEST. not liking the kill streaks very cheap takes no skill just cash…. kill streaks should be from kill streaks. secondly they should add weapon attachments for pick. 3rd the game needs a serious visual overhaul on ranged renderings and bad lighting. 4 do we really have to have 3 THREE different ways to bring back a fallen player. Gulage Cash and Down rez… Feels like the game is cattering to casuals infact thats unfair to casuals it catters to ADHD full blown Autistic kids. its FREE its NEW so of course its gonna be popular but i dont think this BR will last long… There are glaring issues and annoying features which once the NEW SHINY honeymoon phase ends for players most will become annoyed and leave

  6. u said wheeeeeew that was fucking awesome, but was talkin big shit wrong with the game u didnt like in the front of the video lmao gg

  7. UAV last 20 seconds and if you and both your teammates call in UAVs all 3 at the same time it turns into an advanced UAV and you literally see every player on the map, their location, the way they are looking and everything

  8. You reaction to things were very similar to mine lol, what the hell is this, how the hell do I do this, Where am I lol. Love your videos Nacho!


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