all-new Mercedes GLA 250 FULL REVIEW 2020 – now more SUV than crossover? Autogefühl


This is our in-depth review of the all-new Mercedes GLA 250. We’re taking a look at Exterior, Interior and the driving experience.

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    ►Compare the Mercedes GLB:
    ►Compare the Audi Q2:
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  2. Thanks for this very good review Thomas. I am really between B200 and GLA200 now. Today I looked both of them in the showroom again nearly 1,5 hour. They have almost same interior. Same driving position. With completely same specs (AMG line) and same engine B200 is 48000 Euros and GLA200 is 59000s Euro in Netherlands. I am more B200 side now. It seems a really price performance car and in this condition it is 11000 Euros cheaper. What do you think? Does this GLA200 really deserve that price difference when compared with the B200? Thanks in advance.

  3. optional LED lamps? Does that mean base trim has classic headlights without LED technology?
    PS: I always google the song that you have on your iMusic and it's always and awesome trance song – Thomas you have a great taste, you should make a playlist – driving music:) Maybe on your Instagram? 🙂 Cheers!

  4. Oh, I forgot to comment this and only just remembered; the reason why the price is so high is because this is the edition one version! I still do not know what that means. I am a huge Mercedes-Benz fan, but I have never heard of this. Maybe it is a sporty thing sport people know, or something. I can notice the red stitching and red accents all over the car, and it says so by the glove box, and also this colour. You can get this grey on the regular GLA, but it will be a little lighter than this. The edition one is very rare, that is why the price is so high! They are all sold out now, I am told. Edition One is like a supercar, they are so expensive because they are rare, not because they are fast or any better. They are just special.

    The regular GLA, is way less than €70 000. No way Mercedes-Benz would charge GLE money for just a regular GLA, lol. Hope that clears things up, Thomas. Cheers! The base GLA is about €33 000 or a little more. Affordable. Even with every top option possible it will not reach €70 000, not even close. The regular GLA will not have all the red accents all over the exterior and those seats or the badging, though. I recon people will buy that if they just want a regular GLA.

    Cheers, Thomas! 😎🇩🇪

  5. Best review, by far, on the GLA, very detailed, thank you. For that price…I´ll wait and see if some of the extras become standard in future models

  6. As always, you did a very thorough and comprehensive review! But, for that price, why not buy a C class? Be safe, stay safe.

  7. early w156 body has a great looking very proportional look of NORMAL hatchback from 90s with good road clearance when you could drive off the good pavement or park the car with front bumper to a border

  8. I received a YouTube notification that you are claiming rights for a Mercedes-Benz GLA official video that is public video library, what a crap, misery and fraud channel claiming rights for a video that not own

  9. Thank you Thomas, can you do a review on the Mercedes safety systems in a video? One thing i'm confused with is, if a car is fitted with distronic, say a W123, would the car only stop if distronic is enabled , or can it do it whether it is enabled or not.

  10. Hi Thomas, I am from Canada 🇨🇦 and work at a MB dealership in Edmonton. As a guy born in Germany I love to see your auto test videos. Always so well and informative made!!! Thank you so much, very enjoyable !! Keep going that way.👍🏽😀 Hans

  11. Very comprehensive review. However it's far too expensive. It's in Porsche Macan territory which has superior handling and a higher quality interior. I also fear that it'll suffer from high depreciation: my last car was a GLC and it lost 50% of it's value in 21 months 🙁

  12. Again these stuck in and not integrated screen. Looks ugly in my eyes and so many wholes around it to collect dirt. The car itself is nice. But the screen is a reason not to buy it. It looks much better in the E-Class.

  13. As usual, a great detailed review. I was particularly interested in this one because I owned a 1st gen GLA (200). I think this new one isn't as sexy/sporty looking as 1st gen, great the imporved habitability though, that was a bit too short before. But man, the price is ridiculous ! I configured a very well equipped GLC Coupé 200 (same motor + EQ Boost) for 67 kEUR. No way I would buy this GLA vs GLC Coupé !

  14. I was really looking forward to this review. Like your style guys but found Thomas’s presentation a little rambling in parts particularly with comparisons to other Mercedes ranges. They’ve done a great job with the interior. Everything is top notch and so it should be at that price point. I was hoping that the range would start at £30K . Fat chance.
    When is a Mercedes not a Merc? When it is made in Mexico and has a Renault engine as with the GLB. Didn’t catch where this is manufactured.

  15. Very nice review Thomas, once again! That’s a nice car but I’m honestly starting to be tired of the SUV fashion…

  16. This new platform looks fancy compared to old one, but who will buy it for the price and extras, fake exhausts… if i wondering to buy it, i'll choose GLB! Nice review as always Thomas!

  17. Hi Thomas. As you know i love your reviews. However something that probably is missing is a further detail on gearbox. As you know the previous (i own one) has 7 speed gearbox. Did 8 really improved the day life? Also parking assistant? In previous it cant control gearbox and now? Remember is a city car so i want to know how to use in city not only 60-100 in highway 😉

  18. Good thing they have fake exhausts, otherwise they probably would have charged 5K more. Ridiculous pricing, cut that's how the options system works in Geman cars. When you configure a car and click on everything you like, you better be prepared to sell your house and live in your car. Note to Mercedes: put a rain shower, a toilet and a jacuzzi on the option list.


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