AO3 Being Blocked in China and Xiao Zhan – What Happened


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  1. No matters what happened to him i will always support him…. i love xiao zhan… from my heart… and i m his loyal fan…. i love him so much….. love you xiao zhan…. and i m gonna love you till the death end……. you will always my inspiration……. 💓💓

  2. I found the full explanation of what happened, I will start all over again.

    ( This article is my translation. Again, sorry for my poor language. )

    In 26 Feb, a fandom which about the ship of XiaoZhan was accused that it's the feminization of XiaoZhan. Hundred thousand of fans required to report this fandom, Lofter and AO3 was reported also.

    Here's the translation: they don't satisfied with a book, so they burn the whole library.

    In 27 Feb, Every tag in Lofter came out with warning. Either readers and authors was being in danger. Ton of Writer and artist lost their account and artwork.

    Therefore, Everyone is angry with that. People with different hobbys get together to defeat fans of XiaoZhan.
    This event is called " Assembly of 227 ".

    XiaoZhan's official team get to the stage.
    A tag which called #Fans of XiaoZhan report AO3# (#肖战粉丝举报AO3#)in Weibo was blocked by them.

    In the 9:30pm, OLAY直播 was still supporting XiaoZhan. "They don't got many of people. They can't affect anything. "

    28 Feb, Fans of XiaoZhan shifting the blames to Zhu Yilong.
    We found that we don't have a place to get together. It's a lack of influence. Therefore, here comes the tag #Historical Moment of 227# (#227历史时刻#)in Weibo.

    We spreading the hatre and dig the Old Shame of XiaoZhan at the same time. Here's the Old Shame of XiaoZhan: Filthy speech, Sexual discrimination.

    The author of the origin of the whole event is being Verbal attack. Fans of XiaoZhan report to her school and require to drop her out of school. Some of the readers try to protect her, but being cyber manhunt instead.
    The report is still in progress.

    Fans of XiaoZhan : " Since fujoshi try to harm XiaoZhan, we will harm your app in return. "
    Ton of app was reported and comment 1 star in the app store frequently.
    What they want to do is try to piss us off.

    In 29 Feb, 9:16pm, people in China cannot use AO3. It cause to more victim.

    A tag "#XiaoZhan#" beome popular. Fans of XiaoZhan keep clean him up and introduce his pro. The anger of victim cannot be seen.

    We start to boycott XiaoZhan and support the others. (but the effect is bad.)

    The leader of the fans leave a post which only fans of XiaoZhan could saw in Weibo.
    "Apologize or not, it's not decide by me but XiaoZhan's official team."

    After a few hours, the Leader apologize. However, the background of his Weibo is " I haven't do anything wrong. " which's in red and magnified.

    The Boycott of XiaoZhan get the effent eventually. The Fans of XiaoZhan realize the severity of it. They get scared. "I'm a fan but not fangirl. All of that was done by a few of fangirl. It's their fault. I'll apologize to you guys. " They commented it everywhere.

    1 March, Network cleaning has started.

    I don't know anything about XiaoZhan before. I'm just a reader in Lofter. ​
    However, The Fans of XiaoZhan try to ruin our home. XiaoZhan haven't solved it as fast as he can. If he solved the origin before AO3 was reported, would I know anything about him? I don't think so.​

    After the AO3 is reported, there's still many way for him to ​redeem his honour. A apologize maybe not work, but silence do nothing.

    I won't reply again, since I'm too lazy.
    I just want AO3 back. I don't want to know a fuck about XiaoZhan. But they force me to.​

  3. I feel really sorry for Xiao Zhan since he had nothing to do with all this hope this problem is solved and he can get back to how his life was before this matter.

  4. Fans are in the wrong, while the actor isn’t.Not a Xiao Zhan fan but I don’t think he needs to apologize for this.
    Voting Xiao Zhan’s dramas lowest rating possible? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Haven’t watched The Untamed or other Xiao Zhan’s new dramas but voting Joy of Life the lowest rating hurts my heart a lot😭
    Zhang Ruoyun gave his drama rating 5?He nails it hahah🤣😍

  5. As a Chinese, I want to say one thing.This has nothing to do with the Chinese government. it because of xiaozhan’s fans. They are almost crazy!They complain a lot of irrelevant video website, a lot of people are very strange, we don’t know what they want to do…

  6. I am worrying about those literature lovers who are suffering from internet violence of Xiao Zhan's fans and his company as well as under pressure of those who don't learn about the whole fact why people are resisting him. Besides, Xiao Zhan insulted others with sexism and racism words. Never consider such an idol as what he want you to see.

  7. People need to seperate realtiy from delusions.
    (So is this more of a case of disliking gender dysphoric people?)

  8. This is why people should just mind their own things. Let people do things that they are happy doing. If you dont like it dont read it.

  9. While it is without proved evidences, a lot of people have come to believe that Xiao zhan and his company is currently doing actions blocking the antagonizing opinions, including deleting comments and posting threads that can distort the facts. There’s even speculation of this from the start being not only his fans actions causing the entire scene, but also his enemies trying to add fuel into it to make it big. For a lot of people living in United States, it is hard to imagine how money and capitalism can control public opinions and media in China. But it is truly a thing and I believe it’s important to realize that while both sides are victims, there’s a great chance that no one is truly innocent. It is the scale of who gets hurt the most and who has the most power.

  10. Xiao Zhan was also violent by Chinese netizens in this matter, which is why many of his fans go to ins and brush #ilovexiaozhan. This behavior was misunderstood as Xiao Zhan's death.

  11. The Chinese government is weird, there are many man-man series have been showing for years with a lot of intimacy scenes. Then why they made a big deal with some animated video about the Untamed characters.
    I love everything about the Untamed, a beautiful love story…… those two boys are so perfect especially the love of Lan Wangji for Wei Wuxian, very touching……I wish they are real couple in life…

  12. Why they so pressed abt a fanfic, I’ve seen worse than that… but I move on bc it’s not that serious. I ship a lot of gay couples but I don’t go as far to report the straight stories bc I don’t like the context. 🥺 That Poor baby, he didn’t do anything!

  13. Trial by public opinion is bad. Social media makes it 100X worse. This is the third one of these I've heard of since the beginning of the year. People need to remember to think before they jump.

  14. For those who are claiming XiaoZhan is innocent
    The celebrity culture in China is totally different from USA! I understand that maybe you are not familiar with such celebrity that mostly benefit from fans who only care about his character and his face (which is actually decided by the ‘money’ behind him) not the acting skill! You may attracted by his acting but some of the fans (those who triggered this event) are treating XZ as their own! You may feel sorry for XZ has such mad fans but you have to know, he benefited from them, that’s how he (or the company behind him) made money! And that’s how he (or the company behind him) always use them as a gun to shot others! Whether other celebrities or some other people who only said I will not be the fan of XZ. The Fan who organized this towards ao3 is kind of ‘official’ fan that admitted / have contact with XZ (or the company behind him). Therefore there’s no reason to argue XZ is innocent! Those who are cursed by his fans are not treated seriously because they don’t have the path to be heard oversea! And for myself I’m not trying to curse him or ask him to apology. If his name is misused by his fans, which means this event is not under his permission or support, please he stand out and answer why the company behind him controlled so many official account on Weibo and deleted different voice! Please fans of XZ stop bullying innocent people and saying others are bullying XZ! No one can say that on XZ’s behalf except himself! Please XZ stand out! Those people are using your name please don’t just keep silent! (I use XZ totally because to tap all the name is tiring.)

  15. He is doing right by remind silent..they only demand him to say something and backfire him again..he doesn't responsible for everyone who like him..this fans is dellusional piece of shit..doing uneccesary stuff instead taking care of their own life..

  16. I don't think xiao zhan should be blamed for all this they are just trying to bring him down.. Anyway my xiao keep on going. wish China could be a bit not that tight and petty😪

  17. Xiao Zhan didn’t do anything wrong, why these people keep attacking him? I think most Xiao Zhan’s international fans don’t really realize how much have Xiao Zhan been suffering. For all these days, countless people in Weibo and other Chinese websites are using terrible words to hurt Xiao Zhan. What’s worse, Some of them ask him to knee down to apologize, some of them say they won’t forgive Xiao Zhan unless he commits suicide. It’s not just couple of people doing that, if you read Chinese, you can see these terrible attacks happening all the time these days. There’s a rumor couple days ago saying Xiao Zhan’s grandpa just passed away, I’m not sure if it’s true or not, Xiao Zhan never said anything about it, but these attackers now are accusing him of using his grandpa’s death to gain public sympathy. Seriously? How can you guys attack an innocent people like that? I’m not Xiao Zhan’s fans, but I do like his personality, and I feel bad for him. I’m worry that he would really commit suicide one day if people keep doing that.


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