Bruno Fernandes silenced Guardiola with arrogant gesture in Man Utd's win over Man City | Oh My Goal


Why did Pep Guardiola and Bruno Fernandes clash? During the Manchester Derby, Bruno Fernandes told Pep Guardiola to be quiet. A daring gesture which explains the tension in the match, but that’s not all. Bruno Fernandes was taking his revenge on Pep Guardiola. Discover the tremendous actions that occurred during this week’s Manchester Derby.


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  1. I don't think Bruno is interested in City. So he won't shush Pep for not signing him bcz he's been a United fan for quite few yrs

  2. Dude Manchester united is 5 in league. And probably still no UCL next seasons. This dude need to chill and have some respect

  3. Bruno Fernandes just came to the premier league and he is already disrespecting one of the greatest Footballl managers in the world.
    He is actually getting to brave

  4. There's Maguire in United that making everyplayer in United should has confidence and control on the ball these are the changes that happening right now in United that Maguire Brought in the team

  5. I think oh my goal are full of shit sometimes. Don't make fernandes look like character that involve himself in silly squabble. He's above that.
    And the only reason guardiola threw that ball to Shaw is because he knows Bruno will still give it to Shaw cause he's a wing back and wing backs are selected for throw ins. Guardiola only wanted to make sure man Utd don't use the throw in to delay. Man city were losing then

  6. U will get it later oles interviews sound like a dude who knows his girlfriend/wife is about to leave him for some dude he knows but is goin out with love for her… welcome poch

  7. I thought I was the only one who saw that as I saw it live and that’s when I knew that Fernandez is one baaaaad muddasocka

  8. meanwhile guardiola 2nd in the league after 2 years winning it. lol while fernando leads man u into the europa league. lol what a joke

  9. people fall into some bullshit !! guradiola nows very well what he's done .. its the exact same attitude that he had with cistiano many years ago, when cr7 pushed him…. i cannot believe people dont see this !! stupid motherfuckers !


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