Coronavirus outbreak: B.C. health officials provide COVID-19 update on 6 new cases


Adrian Dix, Minister of Health and Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C. Provincial Health Officer, shared an update on the novel coronavirus outbreak in a Vancouver press conference on Saturday.

B.C. has reported six new cases of COVID-19.

Dix and Henry stressed the importance of protecting vulnerable populations from the virus, especially the elderly.

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  1. She’s crying because of their failure of stopping the spread at the beginning

  2. justin hate's VET'S and Canadians . He has crippled our country by punishing out needed projects that bring in cash for issues like this . But loves MasterCard , Loblauys , LNC , Clinton's and open borders . As your loved ones start to die , under stand Canada's PM is responsible for increasing the risk to all .
    China built containment beds in ten days because they new the hospitals would be over run .

  3. It was confirmed this week by KIRO7 in Seattle Washington by the local police that the FEMA CAMPS AT WALMARTS will be used as isolation camps for the corona virus patients! Better known as “EXTERMINATION CAMPS”

  4. this has NOTHING to do with a Virus or Health, this has EVERYTHING to do with Crashing the GLOBAL ECONOMY and ushering in a New Order… this is Evil at work and it's moving quickly!!!

  5. Wake the hell up !!!!! The Govt is lying about how serious this is THEY DONT WANT PANIC AND THE GOVT HAS CONFISCATED ALL MASKS FOR THEMSELVES !!! !!!! and how bad its going to get !!!! Its mutating at an alarming rate !!! and its airborne !!!Think deeply about that !!1its Airborne !!! TRUMP IS A DAME LIAR !!! and must be impeached for this !!!

    I am far far away from cities !!! and she saiz DONT GO ON CRUISE SHIPS !!!! WELL CITIES ARE WORSE THAN CRIUSE SHIPS !!!!

  6. When healthcare workers are getting elderly isolated people sick in nursing homes then you've already failed. Literally the worst case scenario. People will not stop traveling and going to events unless the government shuts them down!!!

  7. Dr. Bonnie Henry is an angel on Earth. You can see how she really cares about people. She almost breaks down. This is a doctor who is speaking but at the same time has deep compassion and empathy for people.

  8. I heard advice from many doctors specialist in this type of decease from many countries like Japan, Brazil, USA etc and many of them say that it is just another case as others cases of past and nothing to worrying about it.
    Then you see the way the Chinese authorities treated this in Wuhan and you see a Taiwan Health authority and now this woman crying during speech. What is going on? What is this virus really about?
    Nobody can tell the truth about the origin and nature of this coronavirus although WHO rushed to give it a name!? It seems that there is a intention to create a pandemic fear in the world. What's for? Who has the answer?

  9. Excuse me mam, you have experienced SARS, etc. yet you still cry. Do you know something that we should know that the authorities are not telling us?

  10. excuse me I am bothered by the fact that the emphasis is on the elderly. They are otherwise safe isolated in their care homes. The problem is the nurses who need a far stricter protocol so they don't bring it in. This is not SARS. This also killed a high amount of 30-40-year-olds. And I am bothered that the emphasis will be placed on elders while we are exposed and supposed to just suck it up? because they assume due to age it's not gonna. be fatal when the data says otherwise??? if from an economic standpoint is how they get it how about this: are you really gonna lose what little demographic you have for birth rate potential and workforce? At this point, it no travels no gatherings mobile work if possible should have been done.

  11. While the Drama Teacher tries to grow out his beard to fool Canadians into thinking he's a man, B.C. is in danger of getting swamped. People goofy enough to go on cruises or travel to China, Iran or Italy (or even Washington State/Oregon/California) should be denied re-entry into Canada unless they are willing to sit in quarantine for a month.

  12. I love your voice and compassion. What a great doctor! Health professionals, please ake good care of yourselves during this period.

  13. personally I don't give a fk, most of you in this city made deals with the devil, time to pay up for your mistake,,,,,,,, enjoy

  14. It all boils down to Social responsibilities. We can also play a part to remind people around us to practice safety precautions because there are people who just don’t see how important simple things like sneezing or coughing into a tissue paper or handkerchief & wearing a mask when you’re sick. The most important of all is if you’re sick, keep away from other people. Don’t be a hero thinking you’re ok & attend gatherings but end up infecting people. Some people may not be as strong as you & will succumb to the disease. Let’s play our part & we just need to hang in there for probably a few months! Cmon World, we can do it. We’ve done it before & won in SARS, BirFlu, SwineFlu, we can do it again. Let’s be socially responsible & take care of our fellow human beings.

  15. Doctors with her experience build up a natural indifference to the suffering of others. They can not be good at their job otherwise. I don't think I'm going out on the limb here by saying she may know something we don't.

  16. It hasnt even begun. Clearly not fit for the job. 19 pts. We're toast. Physician fatigue is at all time high before this problem even began.

  17. i dont know why officials in canada think that this is a good practice to break down on tv. this are people that get money to get this job done. if they are to soft, than this are the wrong people

  18. My mom has been stuck in Japan for 24 days and she has the covid19. She is in bad shape but they don't report all. Chances are she my not beable to fight this off b4 she gets back home.. I can't fly over as I have a bad fear of flying plus they won't fly there. I send her what little money I have to help. I make $1000 a month Can. I'm pissed off I can't believe this is happening.


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