COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 19) – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology


What is COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 19)? The coronaviruses that circulate among humans are typically benign, and they cause about a quarter of all common cold illnesses. But occasionally, coronaviruses, like COVID-19, circulate in an animal reservoir and mutate just enough to where they’re able to start infecting and causing disease in humans.

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  1. ¿Cuál puede ser el animal que contagia a los seres humanos del COVID-19?
    En las Sagradas Escrituras encontramos en Zacarias 14:15 que una plaga viene proveniente el camello, si esta plaga se aplica para estos tiempos sería el SARS-COV que es el agente portador de esta enfermedad, seguidamente a reglón seguido, en Zacarias 14:15 encontramos también, que viene otra plaga, pero, que es procedente del ASNO esta sería el COVID-19, Sabias que en la china importan millones de ASNO y se los comen y de ellos fabrican remedios. Este pudo ser el agente que contagio a los chinos con el COVID-19.

    URGENTE: Por favor, a los científicos que investigan sobre los virus. Investigar si el burro puede ser el portador del COVID-19, ya que pudiera ser el agente portador del COVID-19 según las Sagradas Escrituras.

  2. A man walks into a bottle shop and asks for his usual: "a case of corona please". The store-man obligingly sneezed in his face.

    (ba-da-ding. drive home carefully……….)

  3. Its Very Simple d moment virus enter the human body it flow directly to the immune system & stay 4 a long period of time!! unlike cancer it goes around the human body – covid 19 & aids virus both similar in some aspect coz both attack & destroy the immune system! so arena of the battle is the immune system! we should focus on that – "IMMUNE SYSTEM" the world is created by God! & God is Perfect in nature! I think we can kill the Virus! weve got all the necessary element in the world – combination of Nature & Medicine can do Well prior to that Matter –

  4. Vice President Pence said tonight American's do not need masks, yet he stated they ordered thousands of them for medical workers.

  5. Quantum CoronaVirus

    How about Quantum Corona Virus! Hyper-mutations & hybrids. Mosquito and other creatures catching the Corona-bug and blending it to an new flavor of death? If Corona is a new and not evolved from millions of years of history then it could do things others like the common flu can't do??? AND then we still don't know if China did this on purpose and have planted the bug in many countries. Too many cases rising up so fast suggests such a 'conspiracy theory' as being more plausible everyday!!! China is a Communist Country and they for Decades Forced their own people to only bear one child per couple. China may be 'obsessed" with reducing world overpopulation and has acted first, knowing that Biological Warfare is easy to 'pass off' as accidental!!! Who, What, When, Where, Why & How gets harder to find as the world grows bigger and more complicated everyday. Maybe Corona can attach itself to a host like tree and flower pollen and stay alive? All new way to get us! Pollen has fluidity and water is the key of life. They say some organisms are staying alive on Asteroids!

  6. Great videos and informative. Do you think you could add also Spanish subtitles? It would be of great help during this time.

  7. So basically we're sick because insane Karens thought scales of an exotic animal have healing properties….. AAAAAHHHHHHG FUCKING BULLSHIT. There are too many dumb people

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  9. Ok, so since Dr Li Wenliang was only about 34 yrs old and with no known underlying illnesses .. Why did he die after catching covid-19?

  10. World health organization?? Youre a big joke…..😂😂😂😂
    Go and learn from israel how to work as a team while you need a cure…..
    In this video youre only speaking by theory….but no answers….
    More clear—you know a lot but you dont know nothing

  11. Every year in the US 250,000 people die from (medical mistakes) I think we should be afraid, very afraid. Stock pile up on vitamins and stay far far the hell away from their hubris

  12. Wuhan coronavirus is a biologic weapon made by China P4 lab. the infected rate is very high and can course permanent damage in lung tissues.

  13. How many of the identified cases of COVID-19 Who travelled on a visa attended a VFS Global Bio-Metric data collection centre in Asia? These centres are a serious risk for the contamination and transmission of the virus. Over 1000 people attend these centres daily to record visa applicant's bio metric data, (Akin to an airport lounge, check-in desk or a cruise liner) These centres are outdated and unnecessary as most applicants hold an e-passport where this information is already recorded. Overcrowding, lifts, waiting rooms, document handling and the finger print scanners are all threats of transmitting the decease. It is incumbent on government to review these centres and close them down under the circumstances. All documents can be submitted online including identity verification,

  14. I might have had COVID-19 little less than a month ago, they never tested me so I don't know for sure but my symptoms were exactly what COVID-19 infected people are describing, to the point.
    I just wanted to say that (if that's what I had) I basically wanted to die for a week, but now I'm fine. Completely back to normal. To those of you that are worried and scared I just want to say that even if you get the infection, and even if you feel horrible for a while, the likelyhood of dying is very, very, very low. Especially if (like everybody's saying) you are young and healthy, but even those who are elderly or have other illnesses survive in many cases if they get proper medical care. The other day I saw a 98 year old being released from hospital, alive and happy. 🙂 Hope, people! Hope!

    I'm just gonna add my symptoms if anyone is wondering or in doubt:
    – Fever
    – Persistant and painful cough
    – Shortness of breath, difficult to breath, rustling noises in airways due to mucus build-up
    – Chest pain
    – Headache
    – Body aches all over, muscles hurt, joints hurt, skin hurt to touch
    – Extreme fatigue and weakness, I could barely lift a water bottle to drink, couldn't get out of bed at all for about a week, struggled to stay awake or to talk to anybody, slept pretty much day and night
    – Mild nausea
    – Little bit of nose bleed in the end, probably due to irritation
    After getting better I still had some discomfort and occasional pain in my chest, mild cough and shortness of breath that was most noticable when walking or talking, but now close to a month later I feel 100% back to normal again. The worst part, or the "i feel like I'm dying" part, lasted for about a week where I was glued to my bed and had to ask my partner to do everything for me. And if someone's wondering, yes my partner fell ill shortly after but only with very mild respiratory symptoms that can be described as a mild form of the common cold. I don't know if he got it from me or from someone else, that's unclear. We didn't have close contact while I was ill but we were in the same room for short periods of time.
    After I got better and went back to school my teacher (who never gets sick) fell ill a few days later and was gone for longer than expected, and I was directly confirmed by a nurse as "probable source of transmission" although nobody ran any tests and my teacher is also back to normal now. They really should be testing everybody with symptoms to find all cases. It is possible that I had this new coronavirus and that my teacher got it from me, in that case we're among other unconfirmed cases and unfortunate sources of transmission that is not being recorded which makes it even more difficult to track the spreading of this virus.


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