COVID-19: Kuala Lumpur less busy than usual as Malaysia’s travel restrictions kick in


Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur was emptier than usual on Wednesday morning (Mar 18), as the country’s 14-day “movement order control” kicked into effect. CNA’s Melissa Goh gives an update on how residents are feeling as they adapt to the changes.

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  1. The joggers are rude and selffish for not following Government orders. Is it so hard to just sit at home for 2 weeks? Is it so hard to show your solidarity? Yes, I understand that you maintained your distance and jog solo, but where is your solidarity and support at this time of crisis?

  2. If the park is closed, why don't you exercise at home? Its not like the park is the only option of exercising. These people are really not too bright, aren't they?

  3. let teach them with bullet instead of kept advising with no result of awareness of how serious the situation really are. Don't blame the government, blame yourself if that happen.

  4. To all the pilipinos in kuala Lumpur please stay at home, specially those who are undocumented, you are not in our country. God bless

  5. Omg!! Why so stubborn only 14days lock down la,stop whatever activities daily, adoiiii stupid la y'all! This virus very2 dangerous please la stay home!

  6. They so stupid..jogging now??? Malaysia government doing really good!!! Other country government never did like this…malaysian must follow their leader!!

  7. It's NOT okay. The virus stays on surfaces of most things for hours!!! You sweats when you jogged and you absolutely will touch things. Stay in. Most of the carriers do not have any symptoms during incubation periods.
    There's no place to go to VENT?? GO HOME!!!!

  8. Ey amoi arr don't be selfish can u? If u are The only one That get Infected then it's okay but U will spread the Freaking virus if u keep Being stubborn 🤦 aiyoo fikir lah sikit

  9. Hope all the people follow the instruction from KKM, ALWAYS KEEP CLEAN AND HYGIENE ALL THE TIME….PLEASE STAY AT HOME…..

  10. Lingam .
    Covid- 19 . Very post check screen test .
    Shopping center can started business . We cannot hope government .we have carrying on to job . We pay bills . House car student for school . We all never hopefully in Malaysia government .

  11. Ya'll can do home exercise, there's always an alternative but no u have to be salty about the move restrictions tho 🤦🏻‍♂️ you wanna have a curfew restriction next? Or a 30 days lockdown instead

  12. Pls learn from Italy and the UK mistake! See what happened. End up over crowded care centre to treat infected people
    Who are we Malaysian to be better then them??? 😱 😭😭

    It's because of the same mindset…taking it likely…still going out… jogging …shopping… it wud be the same people who will blame the government again later if they do contracted the covid-19. Blame yourself ok. Tak faham faham..😠

  13. If the virus turn people into zombies and spread through biting…malaysians will see how dangerous the situation…so they will understand when they see the effect with their own eyes….we are in same kind level of stay at home plis…build some gym inside…go out only for food or the most important…


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