disney college program apartment tour 🏠


hi guys!! welcome to my disney college program apartment tour! this is a tour of a chatham square, 6 person 2 bedroom apartment.

when you participate in the dcp, disney provides you with housing. there are four options of complexes: vista way, patterson, chatham square, and the commons. in the video i talk to you guys about each one and give you a quick run down! they are all great so don’t stress about which complex you get. i hope you all enjoy this tour! if you have any questions about disney housing comment down below and i’ll be sure to answer them 🙂

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  1. This is like the most complete, detailed tour I have ever seen. You always exceed our expectations, Emily cant wait to see more 🙂

  2. so for the dcp you have to be enrolled into college and be taking the classes but you also have to work at disney? also, can you only do it once in your life? for example, let's say I were to enroll for my freshman year. I couldnt go back for my other three years of college? or can I do it for every year I'm in college? sorry for so many questions, I'm just trying to decide if and how I wanna do this

  3. i have watched a lot of Disney youtubers but by far you are my favorite and you seem really nice. thanks for this video

  4. How do you plan on bringing all the furniture back in the plane once you leave? that is one thing that worries me >.< any tips?

  5. Patterson chatterman Barbie' babyphat Coco channel Lisa frank books our seventeenth birthday party all around singer Nisha purple and pink tiny and toys.

  6. trying to find the dresser/ vanity or something similar for my dcp!! is it technically a dresser? i’m trying to figure out how to find it online!

  7. Thank you for all this great information. I'm a mom watching this video with my daughter. Super excited for this new adventure!

  8. When I was watching this it was 3:11 pm. And your microwave said 3:11. I don't know why but I thought that was cool.


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