It was an action-packed, drama-filled afternoon at Goodison Park as the Blues played out a 1-1 draw with Manchester United. Dominic Calvert-Lewin struck early once again, before Bruno Fernandes levelled proceedings for the visitors. The biggest talking point of the day came in second half added time, when Calvert-Lewin was denied a second following a controversial VAR decision. What did you make of it? Let us know in the comments.

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  2. This is why I'm always against VAR. The team with the money is either cheating like in this case or would not even go to VAR, where they blatantly dismiss for the poorer club's or countries as in the WC.This is no conspiracy. Its truth. GET RID OF VAR ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!

  3. To all Evertonians here complaining about the disallowed goal – please keep the emotions aside and judge the decision. Your guy Sigurdson is laying there for 5 seconds, he is preventing De Gea from closing down the angle and he's playing De Gea's mind while making a decision. Whether De Gea made the save or not is not a question, Sigurdson has already affected the play from an offside position. You people only complain when decision is not in favour of you. That ref gave us 3 undeserved yellows and gave a free kick right at the edge of the box for Fred touching the ball with his knee, you don't see us moaning for these wrong calls. You shouldn't rage when you couldn't sneak a win through a fluke deflection, in an illegal way.

  4. That goal shouldn't be disallowed it's a legit goal. Didn't even touch the man's foot. Utd fan here btw, VAR shouldn't be abused like this honestly…

  5. Gary Neville saying “Everton don’t turn up in big games” here is the reason why. Everytime we turn up a massive decision goes the elite clubs way. Top 6 elitism. Fixed.

  6. I am a blue but aside from that, var is ruining the game these decisions could be the difference between a club staying up or going down . Get rid of it

  7. After this match I have stopped watching EPL, until they get rid of this VAR thing..Am not a Everton fan though

  8. si Sigurdsson se hubiera parado rápidamente el gol hubiera contado, pero se queda contemplando la jugada. Muy mal Gylfi :´(

  9. Sigurdson sat stayed on the floor and clearly should of got back up your all cheats , sidibe ran on the pitch aswell when he clearly shouldn’t of

  10. Sigurddson was also hacked down which was the reason he was on the floor in the first place. Convenient for the clowns running this shit show to ignore it though.


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