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A seemingly model high school student leads a double life of crime in order to secure a better future for himself. But when his classmates find out, the stakes are raised and his secret grows bigger and bigger—until his mistakes threaten to swallow them whole.

Netflix Original Series EXTRACURRICULAR stars Kim Dong-hee (ITAEWON CLASS), Jung Da-bin (MY SASSY GIRL), Park Ju-hyun (A PIECE OF YOUR MIND), and Nam Yoon-su.

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  1. I love this fucking series. It is like so good, so well written with relatable protagonist. And they seem real with their reaction and personality! They acting are well done, their script is like well, real too. Love this

  2. Finished watching this series for the SECOND TIME in one sitting again… 😭 final episode always got me 💔
    Again im amazed by their acting, cinematography, ost, plot and everything!!👏
    This is definitely one of my all time fav kdramas ❤

    Still hoping for season 2..

  3. I have many answers bc of the final like kitae just disappeared like that and also about Jisoo and Gyuri. I really want a season 2 😭

  4. gotta say this drama blowed my mind I just finished watching the last ep and I can still get over it

  5. For the most part this was decent until the protagonist guy starts being unrealistically stupid and cowardly, literately they had him act like a scared 3 year old. So much frustration towards the end lol Could of been so much better……Gyuri was the best part.


  7. Okay but I love that this drama doesn't sugar coat and actually goes into stuff. It's different from all those adorable cutesy dramas. I love it. And I'm so happy for the main actor as well, been a fan since A-teen and now he's the lead.

  8. The main actor and his character is so dumb. Whoever directed this show is also dumb because of that fact. For instance, any person with a normal intelligence would not allow him/herself be bullied repeatedly and on a daily basis like what happens in the show. Like I am not going to leave my backpack ,which has shitload of cash in it, hanging on the chair unattended. Especially after some punk poured dye inside of my locked locker. Really Mr. director, this never crossed your mind? And because of stupid little items like that it makes the viewers pissed off and question “is this seriously happening? Really?”

  9. I just watched the series. Is the main character suppose to be like that? or am i the only one who think that Kim dong hee is bad at acting. I mean he only has one facial expression, his acting is so bland

  10. Is anyone else just wondering what happened to the hermit crab. Was it left outside on the step? Poor guy 🙁

  11. OMGGGGG the best kdrama

    btw i write a story like this kdrama in wattpad fanfiction bts if you wanna read it my id is yora93

  12. It's the best dark kdrama. I didn't skip even a bit. It's a gem. Someone suggest me a better drama than this

  13. That hermit crab..

    Hermit crabs are extremely social animals, and love to be with their own kind. This obviously symbolizes communication and relationships. However, the hermit crab does value its alone time, and will retreat into its shell when it's done socializing for the day.

    Interesting thoo

  14. I just finished watching this and omg I was not disappointed!! This far exceeded my expectations! The main guy actor (forgot his name) REALLY KNOWS how to pick his projects!! All of his dramas have been hits!
    Seriously if you haven’t watched it, watch it! Every episode has you on edge, tho the ending was a bit predictable maybe because of the foreshadowing.. can’t wait for a season 2! (Hopefully)


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