Full Panel: COVID-19 Spreads To Over Half Of U.S. States | Meet The Press | NBC News


Matt Bai, Helene Cooper, Hallie Jackson and Al Cardenas join the Meet the Press round table to discuss the government’s response to the spike in coronavirus infections.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Panel: COVID-19 Spreads To Over Half Of U.S. States | Meet The Press | NBC News



  1. Why nobody is taking about who owned the patent of Corona Virus. It was registered and went out of time. Could anyone from de adia comment it. ??????????

  2. No Michigan or Ohio yet. It's very fortunate that Covid-19 has generously spared these particular important swing states, as well as infecting very few in other swing states this election year.

  3. It’s so weird, most of people don’t wear masks. Nobody knows that “asymptomatic” people is spreading the virus? Or nobody knows that people in “the incubation period “ is spreading virus?
    Many people are misunderstanding that the only people who have symptoms such as coughing sneezing etc. should wear masks, but it’s not true! The asymptomatic people, “people who feelings okay” should wear masks! It means every people need to wear masks, especially at the enclosed space like a subway, bus, etc.

  4. Funny that they always "worry about the economic impact", in this case, it just means the lower and middle class die.

  5. Trump has said it many times that he's leaving it to the professionals to alert people on updates about the virus. He said that people should pay attention, but not to let it take over their lives through panic and not to spread panic where it doesn't need to be. And I believe he's right. These people are just here to put words in his mouth that he didn't say. Just because others panic doesn't mean he has to.

  6. Political comments here, of no value. People are aware of COVID19 and how to stay safe. You’re comments are based solely on your political bias. All anti-Trump comments are motivated by your underlying desire to retain government support to abort babies.

  7. There is set criteria for a pandemic in the world and it’s 3 weeks past due dump is a lunatic he needs to shut up and would not have that size 12 sticking out of his mouth

  8. Trump is the quintessential example of the Dunning-Krueger effect. His supporters are a quintessential example of a rabid cult.

  9. BULL! What do you want the President to say, knowing he's responsible for the entire world's supply chain, ability for wage income, and bottom line, ability to produce and afford necessities, including the ability to supply and afford food. What do you want him to say: "Well, folks, kiss your a*** goodbye, because this viral disease is permanent, like HIV and Herpes, and relapse is likely. Why, even 1 in 4 of mild cases have liver damage, Spanish Flu death rate in the UK and US was between 1.8% and 2.4%. So, Covid-19 at 3.4% (US currently @5%) has a higher death rate than Spanish Flu, is exponentially contagious, and the world's population is now hundreds of times more mobile…so no hospital beds will be available after May 8 for your appendicitis or anything else, and in the meantime, by midsummer, the entire country is going to be shut down! Bullya! Is that what you want to hear, you normalcy biased, self-entitled, politically greedy, non-contributing, easy riders? Well, then, HEAR IT! But PRAY that he doesn't SAY it, because if he did, our infrastructure would collapse right now. As it is, those who are acting a bit more responsibly than you grasshoppers are behaving more like worker ants…are preparing for winter. A long winter.

  10. People: Sharing this, the most honest and informative coverage Ive seen to date on the Coronavirus. 100% worth a watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7nZ4mw4mXw

  11. I Wish The President Trump Would Said,, All Ages Can Get It !!!!!!! The U.S. Is Not Ready 😷😮 People Are Not Taking It Serious… It Is Spreading Very First

  12. The Corona virus Test: 10 QUESTIONS to help
    protect your family.

    1.  When should
    someone be tested?  ANSWER:  When you have both a cough and  a fever. 
    No need to test just for a cold and 
    runny nose.  2.  Can you have the virus without any symptoms?  ANSWER: 
    There are very few people that are asymptomatic but most will  come down with the disease within 24 or 48
    hours. Those who have come into contact with an infected person within 48 hours
    before symptoms appeared must be screened. 
    3.  How worried should I be that
    my young children may get the virus?  Answer:
      Few children get the virus.   Those that do generally just get mild
    symptoms.  It does not appear that
    children are transmitting the virus to adults. Adults are transmitting it to
    children.   This is different than the
    flu. Children get the flu in school and they bring it home to their
    parents.   4.  How many people are expected to get the
    virus?  ANSWER  20 to 60% of the global adult population
    according to the head of  Harvard
    University's  Public Health’s Center for
    Communicable Disease, Marc Lipsitch.

    5.  How many people
    are going to die from  the virus?  ANSWER: 3.4% or about 3 die out of every 100
    who get it.  6.  What are the odds I will get the virus?  ANSWER: 
    Although the elderly and those with health problems are most vulnerable,
    there are a lot of 30, 40 and 50-year-olds that are healthy that die and die
    quickly from the virus.  78% of the cases
    were ages 30 to 69, 8% in their 20's, 1% teens, and 1%  9 or younger. 
    Slightly more males than females get the virus.  7.  How
    is the virus mainly transmitted?  ANSWER:
      respiratory droplets.  If someone coughs,  sneezes, or 
    yells, breathing their airborne particles or by touching a contaminated
    surface.  President Trump said he is not
    calling off his rallies even though with increased spreading of the virus there
    is an increasing medical risk to those that go. 
    8.  Should politicians be allowed
    to prevent us from learning all about the Corona virus?  ANSWER: 
    No.  Harvard University's  Public Health’s Center for Communicable
    Disease, Marc Lipsitch, said: 
    "Federal health and science officials are being muzzled from
    speaking without clearance. It is simply authoritarian
    and un-American  for a politician
    to tell public health leaders what they can and can’t say about a public health
    crisis."  The government cannot solve
    this crisis without the help of an informed public.  Politicians telling medical professionals not
    to say anything they do not approve of is putting their political agendas over
    the health and welfare of  all Americans.
    9.  How long have we known about this
    coronavirus?  ANSWER:  Since December, 2019.  10.   Is our government prepared for the coronavirus?  ANSWER: No. 
    Officials at the Department of Health and Human Services sent more than
    a dozen workers to receive the first Americans evacuated from China without
    proper training for infection control or appropriate protective gear.  We still don't have enough testing kits,
    masks and ventilators.  During the deadly
    Ebola crisis, the Obama-Biden administration set up an agency for dealing  with future pandemics. Trump eliminated the
    office and the position of senior director for global health security and
    biodefense.  Under Obama-Biden, medical
    scientists would've been sent to China to help stop the corona virus before it
    escaped to the United States.  We need a
    President who is not "authoritarian and un-American" and one who has
    planned for pandemics and stopped them before they spread.

  13. People are scared. They aren’t going to go shopping, out to movies, out to dinner, etc. The economy is about to really go down the tubes.

  14. Sure don't say anything ..just let all the people drop dead in the streets..as long as our markets stay up right.. WRONG!! There already dropping in the streets! Total economic collapse is coming and so is anarchy, hang on to your hats people , were in for one heck of a ride!!

  15. They turned it into a political agenda not Caring about info for the people just a giant b!7(h session of politics. A true for the people government would uphold the bill of rights and use all resources to ensure our basic human rights are covered …. show up w totes filled with supplies to ensure basic human rights are met and telll them enjoy a staycation this helps lower risk of exposure and protects economy by getting people comfy at home for now and only allow workers out to work everyone else stay home and shop online …. like honestly for the people or for profit think solutions people community leaders need to lead ASAP get it together your embarrassing yourself by just complaining without solutions is verbal abuse not constructive criticism. Stop the madness stop the panic try to act 1world leaders not communist for profit whining finger pointing and blaming grow up offer solutions like a mature 1 world leader.

  16. How is it possible you have a panel and sit and only talk about 1 person. No wonder everything things the media is a joke. How about providing useful information about covid 19

  17. "Oh the comment you will read" while there's a Dam pandemic virus in a neighborhood near you! There exist a nation divided: should we also coordinate with red and blue FEMA camps.Hospitals and soup kitchens……


  19. We are all fuked, everything is made in China. China stopped its productions very soon other countries will stop too. America cannot make anything hence there will be shortages

  20. Makes you wonder if covid19 is biologically made. The real question is why was it released? SARS is a coronavirus. Fascinating. Learn to think on your own.

  21. Bet you guys wish the USA had a SOCIALIST health system now rather than a rabble of different states all wishing someone would take the lead.

  22. Trump needs to accept that he cannot negotiate with Mr. Corona. His art of the deal is useless here. Mr. Corona is here to show which government is incompetent and which is not.

  23. here's the thing – anyone not a trump supporter knows trump is a conman and a liar.. so they are looking to experts information channels.. the trump supporters can believe trump and if, by chance, they go to trump rallies because trump says it's ok and get coronovirus as a result.. well.. I'm ok with that actually…

  24. BTW if any one wants to explore the data, go to http://ec2-3-81-77-59.compute-1.amazonaws.com:8888/ Click on the examples.

  25. It's simple they got a serious virus that they have no cure for and they're doing nothing shows how much our government cares about citizens all they care about is their stock market and the money that they're going to be losing or if not they're going to get elected or not just pathetic


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