honest thoughts on ITZY's WANNABE


my honest thoughts on Itzy’s comeback with WANNABE! I was so excited when I saw the teaser photos and it definitely was not what I was expecting but I was not disappointed!

I feel some people might misinterpret what I meant with the point about choreography, because I do agree that it looks amazing in the music video, but seeing the showcase, I just thought it wasn’t my favourite. That’s it!

Anyways, if you like this type of comeback review video, then please give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comments!



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  1. I like the beginning of the song and the dance break. It’s awesome. But the chorus is such a down for me, sounds like a song I heard before kind of twice. I don’t really like the “sweetness of it “ cause it’s just really weird because the beginning is so strong and amazing.

  2. Honestly and the truth

    Literally feather like density fans: uhm it's the same AGAIN

    Actual song producers , lyric writers , and really dense fans: Hey , did you actually even understand the song?
    It's all drifferent…

  3. Haha Saw the title im like ya btch got me with your clickbait xD. Okay im here to listen now. Just commenting b4 i listen haha

  4. Funny how you say that there where no dance moves that stuck out but the shoulder popping in the beggining is now iconic and viral. I have seen so many tiktoks were both International and koreans fans try to do the shoulder thing. And we all fail or make our body hurts so much

  5. am i the only one that actually likes their concept …. like i don’t mind the similarities between their comebacks

  6. the message does feel kinda repetitive but i feel like jyp is like doing this bc they are still growing their fan base. but yea i agree with u that ppl are starting to attack them bc of it. but they changed their sound a bit each comeback while still feeling itzy.

  7. honestly its really refreshing to see itzy continuously doing self love / confidence concepts for their title tracks! However they also remind me of clc's newer comebacks like no and me , and the first thing i thought of when i saw ryu's haircut seen was yeeun in black dress lmao

  8. it's a bop. i hadn't chosen a bias yet, but Ryujin became my bias from this <3
    Dalla Dalla was the song i felt was offputting. i actually liked Icy and Wannabe from the 1st listen.

  9. I appreciate the love yourself songs both Itzy and BTS put out, but let’s be real for a second here. There isn’t any idol that I know of aside from Hwasa who hasn’t conformed or allowed knetz or their companies to run their lives haggard.

  10. I know I'm late but the scene when Ryujin cut her hair shorter is reminded me of CLC Black Dress where Yeeun cuts her hair shorter.

  11. Wtf you mentioned V when Ryujin cut her hair but you didn't mentioned Yeeun in Black Dress that it looks a lot more similar xddd

  12. I love wannabe more than icy but dalla dalla will forever be my fav! And I like their messege. AND, BTS's love yourself series title tracks ( DNA, Fake Love, Idol) aren't similar AT ALL. Double standard? Have you even listened to the albums?

  13. I really did feel like WANNABE was really really different, especially Ryujin’s lines the way she sang/rapped them was new and different i loved it! , also when it comes to their title songs meanings , this is what ITZY is all about! Being yourself and LOVING IT!!

  14. I just can’t with the choreo during Ryujin’s opening line and with Yeji’s opening line, like as soon as I saw that I was like…who is this choreographer 😅 ICY’s choreo in my opinion had too much ‘hands-on-hips’ movements and I wish there was a bit more but when I watched it again I realized it isn’t so bad. I personally like the dance break in Wannabe better too. But Dalla Dalla…nothing can compare.

  15. wannabe is my fAVOURITE itzy song !! its really damn good and i cant wait to see what else they have in store for us❤


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