League of Legends – Low vs Max Graphics Comparison


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My Spec
OS : Windows 10 Pro 64Bit
CPU : i5 7200U 2.5 GHz (Boost UP 3.1 GHz)
RAM : 8GB DDR4 2133 MHz (Dual Channel)
GPU 1 : Intel HD Graphics 620
GPU 2 : Nvidia Geforce 940MX ( 2GB GDDR5 512 Cuda cores)
HDD : 1TB 5400 Rpm
SSD : WD Blue 250GB


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#NTaPii #940mx #AcerE5

Nguồn: https://dailyvietjet.com

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  1. i have intel celeron 430 with gpu g45 express chipset and 4gb ram can i play league in 30 fps with very lowgraphics?

  2. I play LoL windowed, low graphics with the minimal resolution because my computer is a potato and the maximum of fps I can get is 25 fps

  3. 8700K 5.1Ghz & 1080 Ti with heavy OC: Med, Low, Med, Off. Can't see the difference between those and max settings so running em. And if you're wondering it's from left to right.


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