Manchester derby reaction: Is this win a turning point for Man United? | Premier League


Alexis Nunes, Mark Ogden and Rob Dawson recap Manchester United’s 2-0 win over Manchester City to sweep the Manchester derby in the 2019-20 season. Ogden believes Man United dominated the game with key moments and could’ve been considered slight favorites given Man City don’t have much to play for in the Premier League standings. Dawson says Kevin De Bruyne’s absence loomed large for Man City in the loss, while Ogden thinks this win could give Man United additional confidence and shows they are a growing, emerging club once again.


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  1. Actually the turning point was avoiding defeat against in form Everton. Bruno Fernandes doing what Paul Pobga would do for Man Utd but a lot better. He needs to get his act together and help Utd be in the title race next season. As there will be more competition next season because everyone will strengthen.

  2. I’m amazed how KdB’s name keeps coming up without any mention of Utd missing Their 2 best players – Rashford and Pogba. I guess I’m the fool for expecting any different from the likes of Ogden

  3. Before game they all have City winning. After City loses, the "City had nothing to play for" narrative begins. Just own up that you guys got it wrong.

  4. ESPN is a hater always excuses when United win b.s. as network the women reporter I respect but I hate this ESPN network ft

  5. This is a stupid question. A team doesn't just turnaround their whole form with just 1 match. It is a process and it takes time. We have seen improvement under Ole since the start of the season and this match was the result of that improvement. Sky is the ceiling for this United team and when rashflash gets fit, the attack will be even more deadly 👌🏼

  6. So what about man utd win in the league earlier and in the cup.. and you think utd don't miss rashford and pogba..?

  7. "we have to play the United way" ole Gunnar. Starts with 5 defenders and counter attack . Now that they are hitting some sort of good form. Every team is gonna sit back like they do and let's see if they can crack defenses with their mediocre attack line.

  8. to all you deluded united fans, afew meaningless one off wins mean nothing, back when united were the dominant force city would get afew wins over united, just like now city are the dominance force and united win afew games by parking 2 buses, city have finished above you lot 6 years running and have won 3 premier leagues to your 0 in that time. clear to see city are the better team in Manchester, a one off game means nothing. by your logic arsenal are better than united because they beat united this season. small club mentality . you can be happy with your win, your still going nowhere as at tam anyway, and by the way, thank you for beating city, this now means LIVERPOOL are 2 wins away from lifting the title. so enjoy watching us win the league in afew times while you end up in the europa league again playing sides like LASK LMAO. CHAMPIONS 2020.

  9. Are we all just gonna ignore the fact that , MAN UNITED'S goals are never rechecked by the VAR for offsides . But that city goal was checked and rechecked . I've seen this happening in a lot of United games . Glory glory Varchester united

  10. If Man City was missing KDB United was also missing Rashford.
    Where was KDB when Umited won the 1st round?
    Where was KDB when united won the reverse fixture of the caraboa cup?
    Give us a break.

  11. Well the truth is Manchester United didn't play that well , but city played their worst fcking game ever 😒😒😒, truth is any team could have beaten them.

  12. Cry babies using the 'it didn't mean much to city' excuse. Why don't you just stop playing the league then? Shitty mentality, just take the L.
    PS: these are football analysts?

  13. Stevie Nicol should just quit. He ain't a pundit. Just a Liverpool fan who's getting paid for talking trash about their rival clubs.

  14. Every week "is it a turning point" how many turning points is one allowed in a season before you realize nothing's changed?

  15. Can’t wait for next season get ole his first choice signings in and the whole fan base needs to unite and get behind him we ain’t winning the league with him but if can get us to a good position for the next manager to take over from but as fans we need to get right behind him and so do the club. Manchester forever red ❤️

  16. All this talk of Ederson's mistake, no one's talking about Mendy. Scott had to cover so much ground to get to the ball, a ball that was meant for Mendy. What's worse is that Mendy was no where near the ball when Scott took his shot. That's just disgraceful defending.

  17. Whenever United won there's no credit given to United, there's always but this, but that. Whenever United loss, there's questions what's wrong with United. OMFG give credit United they deserve that they're getting better and moving to the right direction.

  18. These people are so biased .. this is derby and they are saying it wasnt needed and they didnt have debyune , United didnt have pogba and rashford but they are getting with it and there is excuse ..I remmeber when city was first and were second but it was still a big games … utterly biased

  19. I’ll admit United played better than us, they had more shots which was the decision maker we couldn’t break their defense

  20. Mark Ogden said last week that De Gea was nowhere near Ederson's level

    You guys really don't have a clue about what you are talking about , do you ?


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