Manchester United – Rise Again


Manchester United – Rise Again

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  1. You All lost faith in Ole and critisized him, now look at you saying his the man, when mkes a mistake you will critisize him again. It is all about giving him ti. E and sticking with him on his mission

  2. Yeah he doesn't have the CV but goodness me Ole is a learner. He's growing with the team. I don't know what Man city's tactics were on that day. He left Pep clueless. #GGMU

  3. It's always a dream to support United alongside other fans in "The Theatre of Dreams" hope one day I'll be sitting there. #OldTrafford Manchester will always be RED! ❤️

  4. Thru da good x bad, the support never stops. GGMU🔴 if we just be consistent in da prem to get 4th x attempt to get both da europa x fa cup, i’d say it wouldn’t be a bad start by ole. U could say all our signings this season have delivered tbf👌🏾💯

  5. We the loyal fans… We r used to so much success but since 2014 we are in decline but now the stage is set its our time to believe again….Many of our very own fans left us and started to support other teams and only the true reds remained loyal and for this loyalty a title is well deserved, soon to happen lads….Old Trafford soon to become a fortress again… GGMU…

  6. Now they need to strengthen their squad with some quality low budget signings..who are happy to come on from the bench and do their job esp player that can sub bruno as he is the only creative player and other places are well occupied by 2/3 players..


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