N. Korea contingency plan would transfer power to Kim Jong-un's sister: Report


“북한, 긴급시 김여정 최고지도자 권한 대행 준비” [요미우리]

North Korea has reportedly been preparing a contingency plan for succession since late last year.
The report in Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun cites a source familiar with three-way discussions between Seoul, Washington and Tokyo… who says North Korea’s Workers’ Party central committee made an internal decision last year… that in the event of Kim Jong-un’s death or incapacitation, all power will be given to his younger sister, Kim Yo-jung.
The source added that since that decision the party and the military have been issued many orders under Kim Yo-jung’s name.
She currently serves in one of the highest positions on the Workers’ Party Central Committee, and is considered the second most powerful person in the regime… and her brother’s most trusted aide.

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  1. Plot twist. She has no intention to rule the country. She tried to gain his trust all these years, poisoned him and she now plans to restore democracy and end this circus. What no? Well actually she does look more evil but at the same time she looks way smarter.

  2. She needs a good fucking you can tell,those korea men dont knkw how to fuck a woman right,couldent you see kim fucking lmfao

  3. You guys are supposing a lot from thin air. I'm suspiscious you are all wrong, once again.
    But you won't apologise, like despots in North Korea.
    You will just let it go and forget as if never you have lied. In that terms, you mass media guys and pariah states (like North Korea) are basically the same 😬

  4. Kim Jung sister is better to lead North Korea…i think She bring North Korea tu unite with South Korea for Korean people and Her family will become the most rich family in Korea

  5. I think she will be harder then him because she's a woman and will have to be more sterner. I don't see her lightening up anymore.

  6. Kim Jong Un looked so scare when he had his hand up. Poor guy too young to become a leader, too much stress, it made him to eat too much and smoke. He probably suffer of anxiety, lung and heart desease.

  7. The truth is that if anything happens North Korea either collapses or I believe this woman would be right, women somehow do better.

  8. Dear,sir, China vs north Korea vs iranand ,,,,, , ( ) no,joking a part-incarnest,, long time earth air problam ,nagitive, and progitiveand pro gitive+nagitive+progitivet,,that (new idea,,) ,,,,,business, political policy China north Korea vs north Korea vs China in the open air ,,openair, Moss I'll, Wuhan, lab ,,,y,,x,,,z,,,next pleass excuse me love back all peoples life GODBLESS your biggest

  9. Kim Jong Un's sister looks anemic. Don't they have any health practitioners for the elite in North Korea? This is not rocket science.


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