So Ji Sub and Jo Eun Jung's first-ever meeting on 'One Night of TV Entertainment' comes…


So Ji Sub and Jo Eun Jung’s first-ever meeting on ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ comes to…
So Ji Sub and Jo Eun Jung’s first meeting on ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ has made it’s way to headlines due to the apparent chemistry between the two public figures who just revealed that they had registered their marriage!The two first met on this program on February 22, 2018. Jo Eun Jung was hosting an interview and it was evident that So Ji Sub couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, even asking her sassily: “There must be a lot of people you can call your oppas and dongsengs.”The show’s staff also stated that: “The interview consisted of just the two of them in their own little world. We feel like we did something good so we are happy.” Netizen comments include:”To fall head over heels in love even with Son Ye Jin right next to him. That’s fate.””I bet you he got her number that day.””Imagine she came to work …not knowing she will meet the love of her life.””Have a good life and be happy!”So Ji Sub and Jo Eun Jung announced their marriage on April 7th. 


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