Tactical Analysis: Manchester United 2-0 Manchester City | How Ole Beat Pep | A Solid Defence


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Ole came out on top of Pep in another Manchester Derby but what tactics did both managers use? Let’s take a look.

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  1. Worlds best tactician is using the same tactics all the time and hopes for the best. Meanwhile the PE teacher in Manchester changes the tactics and surprises the genius. Who is really the genius? At the Etihad AWB bossed sterling add the general thought was that they should’ve played Sterling on the right. The genius of football again plays Sterling on the left and Sterling plays a shit match again. What a genius bald fraudiola is.

  2. I also like how Brandon William playing..he runs fast and chases the ball hard….He is growing….Young talent like AWB GWood James…Luky Manchester United to have them…they will be feared by other team…

  3. Why are people so surprised by OGS?

    The kid sat quietly on the bench watching the games and every move Ferguson made.

    When he finally came onto the pitch he knew every weakness of the opposing team and exploited it to the maximum with some ruthless finishing.

    Now the student will become the master.

  4. I so worried when City control the entire games, good passing and passion, look United like a fooling team, United defend and always losing ball, likely City goalkeeper make mistakes and give advantage. Overall i give City 5 star and United 3 star although United won the game

  5. What will happen if Bruno injured …. Before bruno coming man utd tactical like shit… For me Bruno so brilliant.,…

  6. In your sponsor segmet where you show the team formations, don't you think it would be a better idea to show one Android and iOS each instead of both Android

  7. There is no tactic from ole.. he just lucky cause city not play their best squad..and just mistake from ederson ..overall city have posesion..ole is not like mourinho, or other famous coach which would like to impress own tactic

  8. We lost to a better Team.Man United we're a far better team than Man City. Let us accept the fact. The second goal we conceeded was really unbelievable. Ederson thought he would score a goal and become Hero , but in my opinion he was a Villain for Man City Fans. Sheer Frustration for Man City Fans. Raheem Gundagon Mahrez are Muslim Players and getting blind support from the owners in spite of Lackluster Performance. They would have been sacked immediately had these joker's been with any other clubs. Our owners are stinking rich and are busy in gambling, womanizing , and are blowing their black money. Had it been any other club Pep Guardiola should have been sacked immediately. What was that joker walker & Du Bruyn doing? Entire team needs to be changed. Liverpool no doubt are the winners of this year's EPL. Pep Guardiola will not agree because it is a true fact. He likes distorted numbers and press people who will still butter him that Man City will be this year's EPL Winners. No chance. This all happened due to this joker Pep Guardiola. Sack him immediately.

  9. United surprisingly have more shot than City, but they are lack of creativity in final third if the ball isn’t in Bruno feet. Martial and James should more looking around before they decide what to do in final third.

  10. you are a city fan, united created lots of chances, james and martial , if they tried to cut the pass inside, farnandez would have scored 2 more.

  11. Ole is a better manager then before.. and it's starting to be proved. Solskjaer is not Pep, nor klopp. Of course his tactical is below them. But whatever, I think he makes some decisions that is crucially right. His decision with pogba, how he won't play lingard or pereira as much as before, how he handles his team, not blaming his players in front of camera, and instead allowing himself to be seen as idiot like, who seems like didn't understand the game. But look, some things that he is laying is making progress. Just need to practice martial james and bruno connection, and if those three plays better especially martial n james we should won 4-0. As dumb as ole is, as tactically bad ole is, I would like to see him learn and progress with his team.

  12. There is one key aspect you completely missed. Goalie of the Citizens had a very bad day. Otherwise, very good analysis. Ole is at the wheel! I think United need one more playmaker like Bruno, though. He can't win it all single handedly.

  13. Let me make it simpler for you. Man U scored more goals than city. It’s a simple game as bill shankly explained many years ago his view is still correct and stands true today. Tactics my arse!

  14. Finally a good channel with football analytics,but I would love to see you use more live game match clips to prove your point .

  15. In the first half, City defended with 4-5-1. I saw that shape in the first half a lot of times, I didn't see that in the video.

  16. For me matic is one of the key also. He always track the city player well and provide good passes when on counter attack


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