TAEYEON 태연 '#HAPPY' Birthday Interview 👸🏻🎂


TAEYEON 태연 ‘#HAPPY’ Birthday Interview 👸🏻🎂

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  1. Taeyeon we are sorry to here the news please take care I know you lost a lot lately but please keep strong. Theres always a light at the end of the tunnel. And there always new life tomorrow after yesterday. Life goes on.

  2. 태연언니 가장 기쁜 날 많이 힘들었겠다 부담갖지말고 푹 쉬고 건강하게만 돌아와줘 기간이 얼마나 되던 괜찮으니까 건강하게만…!우리는 항상 같은 자리에서 묵묵히 기도하고 응원할게 생일 너무너무 축하했어!!삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다🙏

  3. Please everyone….pray for the Lords comfort to our little Tay! She has been through so much and is under so much pressure because of who she is. Pray that he makes her strong. I wish we could all comfort her. Fighting depression and emotional stress is such a difficult thing.

  4. 더 이상의 좋지 못한 일들은 일어나지 않으면 좋겠습니다. 힘내시고 하늘에 계신 아버지도 태연 생일 축하해주시고 HAPPY하세요~

  5. Hope Taeyeon is taking care of herself. She gives so much and has lost a lot but has always been an amazing person with so much talent. Hope she has many many happy moments to come in her life. Happy birthday legend ❤

  6. pls stay strong our Tae Tae 😞
    We know that ur not well went you dad was gone but we’ll be always behind u and support u ❤️❤️


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