Thief at Noi Bai airport – Vietnam – Vietjet Airline


Group passenger flight from Bangkok VJ902 (Thailand) to Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) realized that their suitcases were unlocked.

On Facebook, Tran Phuong Anh in Tay Ho district (Hanoi) said that her delegation from Bangkok (Thailand) to go to Noi Bai airport (Hanoi) at 14h on 23/5 on flights VJ902. Delegation of Huong has 11 parcels and luggage deposit.

Before departure, some suitcases were locked, adhesive tape carefully, but when the Noi Bai International Airport, the delegation received only 7 packages.

After reflecting the delegation received information two parcels were found at airports Bangkok (Thailand), a package was found at Noi Bai. Which has an orange suitcase lock broken, lost belongings inside.

“After nearly an hour of waiting, we received explanation of staff saying” I do not have the expertise or competence in this matter “, Phuong Anh said.

Talking to BBC, VJ Airlines representative said the company recently a “headache” when regularly received reports of lost items passengers cried. The company has repeatedly recognized extraordinary record at Noi Bai airport in this situation and sent a dispatch to the place for coordinated settlement.

 Concerning the group of passengers services from Bangkok (Thailand) to Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) reflects the carrying luggage has broken the lock, the representative said VJ airlines, at Flight from Thailand started its services responsible for Noi Bai airport there is baggage handling services at Noi Bai International Airport.

Immediately after the incident the company has reported to the northern airport authorities and relevant agencies.

Tran Hoai Phuong – Deputy Director of the North airport authorities said: The time Port Authority has received reports of passengers reflects the broken lock, lost items on flights from Thailand to Noi Bai Airline VJ.

Port Authority will work with VJ to review its transport regulations see done with passenger airline like, and also verify the process passengers consigned to verified facts.

Mr. Fang also stated, in case passengers have lost or broken luggage cause damage and passenger complaints, the company will follow the complaints procedure and compensation for the guests.

As representatives of the VJ, while passenger carriers graph reflects lose face having to compensate for damage to passengers. However, as reflected by passengers merchandise goods lost are worth while for those goods consigned not only declared value is compensated by weight prescribed weight of the sector aviation.

 “It’s really very difficult to compensate the testimony of passengers. All airlines in the world have such regulations, passengers should now declare valuables lost, it is difficult for the company to verify the value of goods lost, “VJ said representatives.

In this regard, talk with VietNamNet, Vo Huy Cuong – Deputy Director of Aviation VN said: According to the airline industry, just case the value of goods declared to be compensated under the new lost cost declaration of goods, even with luggage goods could not determine normal value, the general convention of world aviation is compensated according to the amount of weight.

“In case you can not determine the value of goods, merchandise 1kg 1kg clock with food commodities is the same way,” Cuong said.



  1. They also steal genuine electronic devices and replace them with counterfeits. They should execute any airline or airport staff caught participating in these crimes. Clean up your act Vietnam.

  2. The government is the master of thief and corruption, so why wouldn't these little thieves do what they do? Think about it.

  3. Lot of Viet airline staffs are THIEF .
    Simple best solution is BOYCOTT VIETNAM AIRLINE.
    Stop lost your belonging .
    Fly with other Airline.
    p.s I am VIETNAMESE too. ( but not a thief like others.).

  4. If they had spend 3 euros in Bangkok airport to pack they suitcases with plastic film
    they would have a save trip with they suitcases.


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