Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson test positive for coronavirus


Actor Tom Hanks says he and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, have been diagnosed with coronavirus. In a statement posted to Instagram, Hanks said the two were traveling in Australia when they were tested after exhibiting symptoms like tiredness, body aches, chills and “slight fevers.” #CNN #News



  1. It is very sad that as human beings we are unable to unite and work together to overcome situations like the ones we are going through, this is not the first and it will not be the last. This goes beyond politics, religious diversity or any other belief, I completely disagree that celebrities, journalists, and another personalities who have the option to contribute, they only dedicate themselves to criticizing, increasing the hatred that is already corroding this society. I am an immigrant, a woman, a mother and a hard worker and I would love for you and many of you to live the reality that is lived in other countries, especially in my country in South America.
    Now is the time to know what kind of human being you are, the one that is full of hatred and resentment because you don't have what you wanted? you decide the life you want to have, but remember that you are not the only one living on this planet. Trade your hatred and criticize for something like … Mr. President how can I help? What can we do to help improve the country? please don't talk much, act more as a team.

  2. Definition of put a human face on.
    – – – : "to make (something) more appealing, easier to understand, or easier to care about by connecting it to an actual person."
    // The author puts a human face on the disease by interviewing people who have it.
    How is it possible that SO many people do not understand what this means. Or… haven't heard said idiom before so as to be able to put it in context.

    This is frequently what journalists and news correspondents do. Ergo why it really is so confounding that people who watch the news wouldn't be familiar with such a phrase or at the very least understand the intent of it. Nevertheless for those people let's hope that Merriam-Webster's definition has sufficed.

  3. a big respect for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, but being stupid when you see the world has virus spread and you can't spend your money on a virus mask like N95 or P100 you get what you deserve, we don't have anti-virus in our system like PC does

  4. Sure they do. They're in their bunkers laughing at us all. I don't believe all of these celebrities have anything. Shove your social engineering.

  5. PLEASE NOTE: if you or anyone you know — feels sick. Take TYLENOL. Please DO NOT take ANY Anti-Inflammatories: such as Steroids, NSAIDs, Ibuprofen or Turmeric. It would worsen conditions., especially if person has ANY compromising preconditions. Pass it on. You could save lives.

  6. Or its not corona virus? I wonder if this virus only affects the rich n famous (corrupt)?
    Or these are the result of sealed indictments?

  7. LIER… he was involved in the drug business, pedophilia, and child trafficking, along with Prince Andrew of England, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Tom Hanks, Oprah, Ellen Denegerates, Quentin Tarantino, Charlie Sheen, Bob Saget, Kevin Spacey, John Travolta, Steven Spielberg, Podesta, Nxivm and Pizzagate – sex trafficking clubs and hundreds more were all directly involved with Jeffrey Epstein's. All will be arrested soon and portrayed by the media as quarantine because of Coronavirus, and/or by a portrait by the media as accidental or as conspiracy theories. All involved will be given a "ROMMEL DEATH" a choice between their death, telling the public as a suicidal, or accidental death in return for the assurance that his or her reputation will remain intact or alternatively, they can choose to face a criminal trial. Enough of BS… we are not stupid.

  8. He's not infected.
    They locked him in hotel room in Australia, he refuses to get back to USA and face the jail.
    Virus is just a cover up in Mass media.

    Soon he will end up in a car accident, being murdered or in jail. Just like they faked Epstein's death.

  9. hey Hanks was in 4 years in island and alive,he aproiching in river hudson,he save in second war mr.Ryan.he was 4 years in airport and alive.he alive problems in apollo13,he was aids in philadelphia.he was save from somali pirates….hey if he will be have problem whit coronavirus…everybody must praying .

  10. I'm begining to believe that the claim that Tom Hanks and his wife actually have the corona virus is bullshit. Unless there is a video out there where Tom Hanks himself says he has the virus, it's all just fake propaganda so that journalists can profit with false information. 🤨

  11. CNN is putting the rich and elites above us peasants again. I don’t care what Rita Wilson is playing when she’s at the hospital. Shut it

  12. Lets hope the virus cleans out the left wing trash in Hollywood. Then wipe out all the dirty liberal pieces of garbage

  13. Hope the virus wins. Then does the country a favor and wipe out the rest of the left wing trash in Hollywood. Then cleanse the usa of all the filthy liberals


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