Tom Hanks And Wife Rita Wilson Say They Have Coronavirus | TODAY


Overnight, actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson revealed that they have tested positive for the coronavirus in Australia, where Hanks is filming a new movie. Hanks reacted to the serious news with his trademark sense of humor. Natalie Morales reports on TODAY.
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Tom Hanks And Wife Rita Wilson Say They Have Coronavirus | TODAY



  1. Some interesting body art there! I hate to go all conspiracy theory, but did he get those tatts at "Illuminati R us" !

  2. Hang on so they can get tested and treated as its part of the health and safety act. But I have to just self isolate and ride it out.

  3. I just posted this video please watch I don’t know if this is real the Death toll worldwide rises to 898,546 ???? I’m not joking.

  4. I call b/s. Their bored sitting on their island and decided to stir up some media attention. Besides who cares what Tom Hanks is doing rt now.

  5. Tom Hanks is a very nice guy.Even though the actor is rich and succesful..he is humble.I wish him and his wife the best treatment and to get better asap.

  6. So sweet of Rita Hanks to put together music playlists while she has the Virus!!! While the rest of us probably will lose our jobs homes and sanity!!!!!


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