VietJet Airlines Model and Air Hostess Bikini Dance In Mid Air To Thailand


Các tiếp viên VietJet xinh đẹp hóa thân thành các thiếu nữ Hawaii xuất hiện bất ngờ trên chuyến bay khai trương Hồ Chí Minh – Singapore ngày 23/05/2014, lắc hông, xoay vòng theo điệu nhạc…

Một lần nữa VietJet lại thoát y trên tàu bay mang đến nhiều sự bất ngờ, niềm vui và không khí hè rộn ràng cho hành khách.

空姐VietJet轉化成美麗的年輕女子突然出現在胡志明市開設夏威夷航班 – 新加坡23/05/2014,髖關節,旋轉音樂…

再次在飛機上VietJet脫衣舞帶來了許多的驚喜,樂趣和繁忙的夏季航空旅客。Tập thể tiếp viên, phi công, kỹ sư Vietjet đồng diễn flashmob chào mừng tàu bay mới, trước sự chứng kiến của đại diện lãnh đạo sân bay, đối tác, công ty thành viên, ban lãnh đạo và nhân viên Vietjet.

Chiếc máy bay A320 đầu tiên trong đơn hàng mua và thuê 100 chiếc máy bay theo thỏa thuận được ký kết giữa Vietjet và Airbus mang số hiệu VN-A658 đã đáp xuống sân bay Tân Sơn Nhất, vào lúc 14 giờ 25 phút ngày 27/11
Bikini VietJet to Singapore – 比基尼VietJet新加坡

Vietjet Vietnam’s bikini airline models itself on Emirates
Tuesday, 24 May 2016 | 6:55 PM ET | 03:21
Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao is a petite woman with a tendency to smile sweetly as she answers questions in a soft voice. But don’t be fooled – she is no pushover.

As founder and chief executive of VietJet, she has grown Vietnam’s only private low-cost carrier (LCC) so quickly that, less than five years after opening for business, its passenger volume is on track to surpass that of Vietnam Airlines, the country’s national carrier.

Smart, decisive Thao explains that she is a feverish researcher.

“When my first son was only a few months old, I started to research the low cost carrier space,” the 45-year old recalls. “Then I spent the next 10 years researching aviation, meeting the CEOs of different LCC’s like Jetstar, Air Asia and Southwest Airlines.”

The airline industry was a fairly new field for Thao, who had made her fortune in Vietnamese real estate.

Her secret to success: research and timing. In the years leading up to VietJet’s first flight in December 2011, there was no independent low-cost carrier in Vietnam. The middle class was growing and the Communist government was opening up the aviation sector to competition.
Now the company is looking to launch itself on the stock market and is aiming at a £700million valuation.

It’s all part of the Vietnamese airline’s plan to become an international name competing with the big brands.

CEO Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao said the firm hadn’t decided how much of its stock to sell, but was considering up to 30%.

“We plan to make VietJet a global airline,” Thao told Bloomberg from her Hanoi office.
Thao’s also unafraid of courting attention and controversy.

In 2012, the new airline generated sizzling media coverage by staffing its flights with bikini-clad attendants. Those bikini flights no longer run but that doesn’t mean they won’t return.

“If a beautiful image helps our customers feel happy, we will always try our best,” Thao says.

Addressing criticism the bikinis were a gimmick that objectified women, she says, “In this world, there are a lot of beauty contests where the contestants wear bikinis in the competition. The bikini shows beautiful characteristics. Our message at VietJet is we did this for the benefit of beauty and happiness.”



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