VietJet review – what to expect?


VietJet review – what to expect from this Asian Low Cost Carrier? I had a flight from Chiang Mai (CNX) to Bangkok (BKK). Conclusion: well worth the money! please share: – thanks!

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  1. Thanks so much- I wasn’t sure about flying vietjet air but this video makes me feel like they are definitely worth the try. Also appreciate the positive experiences shared in the comments here.

  2. well, you're super lucky that the flight attendants being friendly with you and even showed you your seat. i flied VJ last month and the staffs are horrible, the flight had been delayed for 4 hours then had to wait 35 more mins in the plane. Well, at least they sell souvenirs…

  3. Do you still remember how you can add baggage online and meals? They don’t have that option while booking the flight on their website. Thanks for your help!

  4. Shit airline. i booked and couldnt travel for medical reasons. They wanted color documents after i sent them 20 emails. Very bad customer service . Other airline accepted my documents no problem but this airline very poor customer relations

  5. This video is just some propaganda.
    I flew from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Saigon and from there to Quy Nhon in Vietnam and I have to say this airline makes the Thai airlines look good. I don't get why people made positive comments here: the uniforms are … strange; the food on board is non-existent – no water, no coffee, nothing; the seats are small, cheap, with arm rests that do not adjust and folding tables that do not fold.
    Those things are trivial, but they indicate the lack of concern by the people who are supposed to manage this enterprise. . The fact is that this discount airline is not organized and not in control of what it claims to do.
    After I had booked my flights online I received confirmation and an itinerary by email. I tried to download and get these
    items printed – but I could not do it – whether because I have a chromebook or because there is something in the messages to block them from being used I cannot say – though I have been able to make copies of flight confirmations from other airlines in SE Asia.
    Then I received an email two days before my flight saying that maybe my flight had been rescheduled, with a pdf attache that I could not open, a website was not in service and a phone number to call the Viet Jet office -which was BLOCKED>!
    I saw some reviews of VietJet online and all of them were negative, including one Youtube video showing Vietnamese customs agents fighting with some CHinese passengers for allegedly trying to extort extra baggage fees.
    I went to the airport in C.M. to the VietJet desk and showed the people (who were very nice and cooperative) the printout of that email saying the flight might have been cancelled. They checked and said my flights were on schedule and gave me a printed confirmation. O.K. I thought my problems were over.
    When I went back to the airport on the day of the flight there was just the normal amount of crowding and confusion until I got to the VietJet check in and they told me my carry-on little wheeled suitcase was overweight and had to be checked in – so I had to pay 913 bt. The small backpack they let me keep. I had travelled from Utah through Vancouver and Beijing with these two carry-ons without any problem. But VietJet had different carry-on limits than the big airlines. This added to the costs of the flights.
    The place took off just a little late and touched down in Saigon on time. But then it took a long time to get into the crowded bus to the airport, then they herded us into the visa line and I got my online visa approved in an hour….. walked around the baggage belts for sometime until someone advised me to go to the Lost and Found to get my other bag……
    Now it was too late to make my connection to the flight to Quy Nhon. I had to get a hotel for the night and a taxi to the place and back at 5:00 a.m. for the next VietJet flight out. The attendants were busy and over-worked and unmotivated.
    But they let me get the flight for only $20.00 as they stated it was not VietJet's fault that I missed the flight as it was on time, but allowed for the fact that they had held me up by demanding I check in my carry-on and pay for it….
    Before dawn the next day I had to hurry up and wait and get herded into more lines and explain why I had the receipt and not a ticket…..and again they told me I had to check in that small carry-on suitcase. I protested it was not over the weight limit – since I had thrown away some things to make it lighter, and this time they said it was not the weight but that their policy was only one personal item on the place and not a carry-on plus a personal item. I had to pay another $30.00. You should know this. They changed the boarding gate from 19 – to Gate 7 – and it was time for the last call and I ducked under the lines of tape – and told the customs agent at the check-in they had called for this flight … he let me in front and through….. I went to the gate – Gate 7 – and there was no one there and I was afraid they had closed it already and were finished with boarding … went to another desk and they told me they had not started boarding for that flight yet …. another flight was boarding ahead of this one and they changed the gate – to gate 6, or gate 5. WHo knew? But they had flashed the message on the screen that this was the last call – no that was a mistake — the flight was delayed…. about 15 minutes past the departure time….
    So I waited and the message never came but people knew when they opened the barrier to go to the boarding ramp so I asked and was directed to the line to the boarding ramp to the bus to be jammed in for the trip to the plane and
    we took off, about 45 minutes late, for a 45-minute flight.
    I think that VietJet needs to get itself organized so that all of its people know what is going on and when they make so many mistakes and changes they have to let everyone involved know the new plan – not leave it to the harrassed woman at the ticket counter to fix all the problems at midnight that were caused by inattention to details.
    I think they should be honest and upfront with the true costs of flying on their planes.
    I think you should check out a better airline.

  6. Your lucky your flight was not delayed, when I was flying DAD-SGN our flight was delayed about 3 hours and in the flight SGN-DAD was delayed 5 hours

  7. Never not flying I’m flying Qatar airways after Christmas this year. Can you tell me is the company in general and the food and these seats are good???

  8. Nice short review. Never flew VietJet, used Thai Smile, Air Asia to fly from BKK to Chiang Rai. Doe zo verder en volgende keer proberen we VietJet.

  9. I love your videos! As I mentioned, I was a reluctant flyer. I like watching these the night before I fly to help me focus on the serenity of the experience and the sheer joy of flying someplace new. As to your question, the uniforms seemed perfect for the youthfulness of the flight attendants. Cheers!

  10. VietnamJet seems nice. At least the buy on board food had hot options and was tasty. I don’t know though, the uniforms look like they want to do camping or hiking. I don’t mind different uniforms, Virgin Atlantic FA’s wear casual clothing a lot and I don’t mind because if it makes your employees happy it’s one less reason why they would quit and that happiness gets passed onto other passengers, which makes them feel good. However these uniforms just send the wrong message about a low cost airline. But otherwise great vid and see u next Friday

  11. Really awesome video man! I flew from Chiang Mai to Bangkok aswel but then with Bangkok Airways! It's nice to see the airport and I know a all the spots you filmed! Thanks for sharing mate!

  12. for me personally those uniforms are … for scout or for Flight attendant ? I don't know 🙂 about short travel: once I took a flight from Milano to Venezia … very short ! nice video as always, good job !

  13. I had two flights with vietjet, once from bangkok to singapore and one from hue to hanoi. It is the best low cost I have ever used, totally worth it for the price you pay

  14. Hi Sieto, how are you doing Sieto? Hope you have a good weekend Sieto? for me i like the livery of Vietjet. For me i don't like the shorts of the Flight Attendants…but that's just my opinion. Very nice music Sieto..i like that their water has their name on it..very nice touch..Chiang Mai is really a lovely area from what i've seen on YT. Hope you guys have fun in Bangkok, see you at the next video Sieto.


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