VietJetAir Bikini Girls Marketing Campaign

38 – a low cost airline in Vietnam. IATA Code – VJ
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Company slogan – Bay là thích ngay! – Enjoy flying

The Vietnam aviation authority fined VietJet Air US$960 in 2012 for organizing five women of candidates in a local beauty contest to perform a Hawaiian themed-dance without first gaining permission to celebrate its maiden flight to the tourist hub of Nha Trang.
The founder of this Airline is on her way to becoming the first Vietnamese self-made billionaire. Yes, it is a lady.

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  2. Di diem khap saigon Hanoi con chua du . Bay gio choi toi may bay . Con chau bac Ho biet kinh doanh so mot roi . Do lu cho nha que biet j van minh lich su

  3. i think its gonna flop since people dont care about service as much as getting a cheaper flight . thats how ryan air works so well with shitty service

  4. i don't wanna be that anoying hater but apart from them being ugly AND awkward , damn the video edition is like a 3years old boy did it sorry but this thing is humiliating

  5. 10-40 potential new Mile High club members on every flight! Very nice. I approve. Plus, they earn way more than normal due to lap dances and tips. Everyone wins, except the Feminazis.

  6. Hello I like this video. Is there this airline really? I like bikini sexy women in flight.i like come to Vietnam and I like use this flight. Is there bikini sexy women in all flights in Vietnam? How can I use this flight? Please continue this airline. I like too much bikini sexy women flight attendance .please develop this flight. you should touch passenger in flight. Please kiss and hug every passenger that likes . I hope to develop bikini sexy women in world.I like womens are bikini in flight.

  7. Sure, we k now that sex sells. I notice that the customers are mostly men. This is a throwback to the 50s-60s and a slap in the face to everyone concerned about preventing sex stereotypes and all of the "justifiable" forms of assault and harassment that flows from such salacious exploitation of women. I only hope this is some stupid marketing parody!

  8. Well, that was awkward, and the passengers look uncomfortable. Don't see this being a big hit, besides thirsty male (and some select female) demographic lol

  9. Sexually secure Men & Women, enjoy! Sexually insecure, repressed or otherwise confused, find a Reality Show to tune in to. Your brains are better adjusted to things that don't require the benefits of evolutionary advancements (e.g. Most things). 😆


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