Đăng ký ngay, nhận vé liền tay ✈️✈️
Đăng ký ngay, nhận vé liền tay ✈️✈️
Lễ hội té nước Songkran của Thái Lan mang ý nghĩa rửa sạch tất cả những điều không may và đón chào một năm mới tốt lành.
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1 Comment

Alexandar Chorbadzhiyski

February 29, 2020

Dear potential customers of Vietjet airlines!

Please do not use
them! They are unhelpful and their ethics are disgusting. There was a
lack of customer service and attention. I had recently booked and paid
for a ticket from HK to Saigon. I had also checked in online before my
flight and had a printed ticket as well as a ticket on my mobile phone. I
got to the airport security check-in area and was denied entry, stating
that I needed an official boarding pass issued by the check-in counter.
I then proceeded to the check-in counter at T2, but there was no one
there and this was 1 hour before they were due to close. I was then
assisted to T1 to go and check-in and that counter was also closed.
There was no one from Vietjet at either terminal, and security denied me
entry at both terminals. Because of the incompetence of the Vietjet
staff and airport security I missed my holiday. What’s the point of
having online check-in and home printing boarding passes and electronic
boarding passes if you’re unable to use them? I thought we live in an
advanced culture and social times where technology is everywhere for our
convenience, how ironic is that!!?? Vietjet is not convenient! PLEASE
do not use them, they care nothing for their passengers, but only for
the money they can make from you! Wankers!


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