Washington, DC reports its 1st case of COVID-19 | ABC News


New York has declared a state of emergency in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak while Italy still remains on lockdown.

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  1. That Marine is right across the street from my house at the hospital on Belvoir
    I'm never leaving my house now

  2. I've been in isolation for 3 days for absolutely no reason at all, and I'm in Philadelphia, all I can think about is the corona virus. I eat, breath, and sleep that shtz. This thing has got a psychological affect on my mind body and soul. It's almost inevitable that many of us will contract this virus, it's just a matter of when and how severe. For now I'm the most paranoid person I know.

  3. Corona virus needs to spread to all the crooked politicians judges cops etc come on corona develope a conscience

  4. Everyone start calling your local cdc institiution and start asking questions about claims they make that contradict peer reviewed studies!! record it and send it to media outlets, start exposing the disinformation campaigns people!! there is a way you can force them to tell the truth!!!

  5. In DC? Make sure to spread it around enough to infect Congress. Nature designed viruses to kill the old and weak.

  6. I quarantined myself, no movies, less trip to stores, no dining out, no visitors to my house, no baseball games, etc. . Cancelled all my trips overseas and stately. I can wait until it’s safe.

  7. Humbling 300 days left alone Solitude Time to get right with God less environmental waste there is a silver lining or a boarder of blue Passover like Egypt come out of her my people take some time to study 📖 pass events 😘

  8. When Republicans want to play the victim card they claim it's a Deep State conspiracy to intentionally kill people in order to make Trump look bad and Dems support it.
    When Republicans want to appear like superior Alphas they claim it's an act if god to kill sinners and should be praised as divine intervention, like Mother Theresa would push.
    I've seen quite a few who think it's funny to hear that another person died in a Blue State and they'd be delighted if an entire state like California died off for their amusement and to help Trump get re-elected. Sick motherfuckers.

  9. His mask is not the one he need to be using it does not filter the the air going out, it has a port that lets air out without filtering it!

  10. Ban lan gen (=isatis)- a herb can help reduce covid-19 severity. It's a herb the Chinese use traditionally to combat virus caused inflammation in respiratory system especially lungs. It grows in many parts of the world. People die of Covid-19 plague mostly after severe inflammation and swelling in respiratory system. Thick phlegm results from such inflammation and chokes breathing. Ban lan gen (as the Chinese call it) is an effective herb to dilute phlegm and help withhold the rapid growth of virus and damages to the tissues in respiratory system. But on the top of all, peoples across the globe need to fear the Lord Jesus Christ Almighty who has started His righteous judgment on earth, fear our Creator of all things including all deadly viruses. Repent from sins and turn to Him, obey and have faith in Him, the Son of God and our only Savior/ Messiah, get baptised in His name which literally means "The Lord saves". Heavens and earth and everything in them including all fatal viruses were created by Word of God – the Holy Spirit. And Jesus Christ is the Word that became flesh in human image. So whoever turns from sins and trusts in Him, does what's right and just in God's eyes will have no fear of death in plagues or other calamities and live in the following few years before His glorious return to earth to reign. Plagues are one of the means our Lord Almighty uses to judge nations as prophesied in the Bible. Deadly swords are also coming near as foretold in parables in the Bible.
    God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit loves us all, the Chinese, the Americans, Canadians, Israelites/Jews, the Iranians, Italians, Koreans, Japanese, Africans, Latin Americans and beyond. This plague is far from its peak yet. And many more are on the way or soon to reemerge across the world, including Ebola, MERS, Zika, E-coli, hepatitis C etc. Repentance and have a living faith in Jesus, our righteous judge is the best vaccine against any plagues!

  11. The CDC was slow because Trump cut the Pandemic Response Team. Why? Because it was set up by Obama. That's the only reason. Trump is insecure AF when it comes to Obama!


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